1984 Olympic Women’s Platform Diving

A blast from the past for this week’s edition of diving Friday.  We have the 1984 finals of the women’s 10 meter platform and it is classic.  All of the women performed the dives beautifully and made them all look easy.  It may not seem like it by watching this video and comparing it to what the girls of today are doing, but all of those women were doing the hardest dives known possible for that time period.  It is really crazy to know that 20 years ago all the women were doing at least one less somersault, one less twist and an easier position than we are used to today.  The evolution of sports is an incredible and remarkable thing to witness but it is always something that creeps up on you and you do not realize it until you look back at how things were 20 years ago.  The sport of diving is grown so much over the last 20 years and it is quite the site to see, especially for a die hard diving fan such as myself.  Nowadays, all of the girls are doing all of the dives the guys would normally do and the guys are just doing even harder and more difficult dives.  Bring it on and I can not wait to see where this sport shall go in the next 20 years.  Enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Stay safe and move your body.


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