Workout Freedom


Working out gives us a freedom like no other.  We are free to train however we want to train, wherever we want and however long we want.  We are free to run for as long as we want to, free to go any path we choose, free to run fast or slow, free to run for a long time or a short stent.  We are free to lift weights, free to do as many reps as you want, free to add more weight, free to do whatever exercises you want and free to move however you want.  Free to exercise whatever body part you want, freedom to do whatever routine you want and free to exercise as hard or as easy as you want.  We are free to exercise outside, inside, super intense, super light and easy or just moderate.  Free to be goofy and play on the playground like a kid again, free to play on a swing set, free to play a pick up basketball game or a beach volleyball game.  We are free to play any sport whether it be fun or serious, enjoy it and get fulfillment out of it because we able to move our bodies.  It’s freedom to take an exercise class, to turn your mind off and to be told what to do.  Training is the one of the greatest freedoms we encounter everyday and we should do our best to not take them for granted.  Be grateful to have a body that works, that can train and is strong, mobile, flexible, agile and efficient.  Relish in the fact that we are free to move your body however you shall please, whether it be a bike ride, a run, a weight lifting session, a yoga class or just a nice long walk.  We must think of exercise as a priority and a necessity and not like a chore or something we have to do.  Like one of my clients said today “we have to treat exercise like brushing your teeth, it is something that has to be done everyday.”  We have the freedom to exercise and we have the freedom not to, but if you choose to not exercise just remember the alternative is always worse.  Training is a freedom and it is also a victory.  A victory over laziness, a victory over disease, a victory against gravity, a victory over obesity, heart disease and diabetes and a victory against  aging.  A victory of being better than you were yesterday and the next day and the next.  Let us all keep working out because it is our freedom to and keep winning and being victorious in this wonderful game of life.


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