The Story of Bryan and Jessica


Everyone has their own story of how they met their spouse or significant other, whether it may be through a mutual friend, at a party, at work or something like they literally ran into them on the street.  The story of how my wife and I met is definitely a story and is worth telling.  We are celebrating our 5th year of marriage today and 9 plus years of being together so I thought what better way to celebrate the day then to tell our tale.  For the ease of narrating this story everything will be in the third person. Here we go.

It was a hot and humid summer day at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.  The sun was out, the park was busy with excited park goers and summer was in full swing.  Bryan was working the high dive show over the summer and it was his 5th year performing there.  Jessica, who is a nurse, who worked in the hospital as well as doing home care nursing was at the park with the family of the little boy she was taking care of.  The family which includes two sisters and one brother, had gone to Cedar Point the year before and the girls distinctly remember watching the high dive show because of all the hot guys running around in speedos.  They definitely agreed it was worth another viewing this year. Bryan, who in 5 years working there, had made a lot of great friends on the dive show.  Well, one of his good friends Todd, who was announcing the show that year because he literally broke his butt opening weekend, thought Bryan was having a “slow” summer with the ladies.  Being a good friend, he decided to help Bryan out by making all of these little cards that said “Call me.  Bryan” with his phone number on it.  He would hand these cards out to random girls he thought was cute and worthy while he was walking around announcing the show.

Jessica was sitting in the second row center stage in her bikini with two other pretty girls so naturally Todd hands her a card.  The girls get all excited but do not remember who exactly Bryan was.  After the show was over, they went up to one of the ushers working the show and asked them who Bryan was.  They told them Bryan was the blonde haired one.  The girls thought he was cute and were begging/harassing Jessica to call him.  “Call him, you should call him.”  Jessica was like “I am not going to call him, he could have a harem for all I know.” Fast forward about 6 more hours and Bryan gets a call on his cell phone from a random number.  He answers it and it is Jessica.  They get to talking and it is obvious that Bryan has no clue who she is and she knows it.  They hang up and Bryan immediately calls his friend Todd and asks if he gave out his number to this girl at the third show in the second row, in a bikini about 12 o’clock (that is how the divers refer to everyone in the crowd).  Todd says he did and that she was very cute.  Jessica hung up with Bryan and never thought twice about him.  Bryan calls back and asks for Jessica but she is not there.  Jessica had used the dad’s phone to call without letting the sisters know so when they all returned from riding go carts the dad let Jessica know that Bryan called.  The sisters immediately started joking with Jessica and giving her a hard time saying “You called him!”

Jessica called Bryan back and they got to talking for awhile and Bryan tried to ask Jessica out for a drink that night but she declined because she was working.  No big deal Bryan thought and he told her to come back to the first show tomorrow and he would do a high dive for her.  The next day, Jessica and the family went to the first show as promised.  After the show,  Bryan and Jessica got to talking and Bryan got Jessica’s real phone number.  Bryan and Jessica would talk every day on the phone for a month straight with Bryan constantly pressing Jessica to come out and visit.  He would call her at 2:30 – 3 am after he was done closing down the bars with his friends and it worked out perfectly because Jessica would be up because she was just getting off of work around that time.

After about a month of talking, Jessica finally decided to make the trek out from eastern Pennsylvania to Sandusky Ohio with a total drive time of about 8 hours one way.  It was a Thursday night when she finally arrived and she met up with Bryan at the last show.  That night one of Bryan’s good diving buddies Jordan was turning 21 at midnight and they were going to go out and celebrate as any 21 year old should.  Everyone goes out at midnight and has a great time, drinks are flowing, shots are being took and lots of laughs were happening.  The bars close and everyone heads home safely back to the diver house.  Once inside the house (for some strange reason the house they rented had a large pain of glass just resting up against the wall in the kitchen, weird I know, never thought twice about it until) there is loud crash of breaking glass.  By the time Bryan runs into the kitchen to see what the noise is, Jessica has a towel wrapped around Jordan’s arm holding it tightly as blood is dripping down his arm.  Our good drunk friend Jordan had stumbled back, fell into the glass and shattered it with mainly his forearm.  Jessica immediately says “I think we need to go the hospital because I think we hit a pumper.”  Everyone piles into the car and heads to the hospital with Jessica attached to Jordan’s arm.  Since Jessica is attached, they both get wheeled back to the ER and continue to be in there for the next couple of hours.  By the time everything was done and over it was roughly about 4:30 am and Jessica said they had pulled a piece of glass out of Jordan’s forearm about the size of a half dollar but more in a triangle shape.  Kind of an interesting way to start your first date, huh?

With all drama aside, Bryan and Jessica had a fantastic amazing weekend and really hit it off.  They enjoyed each other’s company, got along great and were extremely attracted to one another.  Jessica had visited Bryan two other weekends that summer before summer finally came to close.  When Bryan was done, he drove back to Phoenix where he lived with his parents and Jessica went back to her work in Pennsylvania with both not thinking to much more of what was going to happen.

Well, little to be known, before Jessica had even met Bryan, she decided she had had enough of living in PA and signed up for traveling nursing.  The 2 states she requested on where she would like to go was Phoenix, AZ and California.  Well it just so happened that Jessica got her first assignment to go to Phoenix.  She called Bryan and asked if he would be so kind help drive her across country if she flew him out.  Bryan said he would and they made the journey across the states.  Luckily, it just so happened that Jessica got assigned to live and work about 15 minutes away from where Bryan lived.  The two of them hung out everyday and had a great time, so much so that Jessica extended her contract to continue working in Phoenix for another 3 months.  After 6 months of being together, Jessica got assigned to work in Santa Barbara, CA which was sad because they would no longer be together.  They would talk everyday and visit a couple of times but they both realized they missed each other dearly and were sad since they were not together.

Jessica received a phone call one day from one of her good friends who was starting his own practice in Newport Beach, CA and would like Jessica to work for him.  She said yes and immediately called Bryan and said “I am moving to Newport Beach, CA to work, do you want to come with me?”  Bryan being 24, still living with his parents at home and not working a whole lot, without any hesitation said yes.  The best decision Bryan has ever made.

9 years later, 5 loving years of marriage, 3 moves, 2 beautiful daughters and 2 dogs later, Jessica and Bryan are still going strong and have more love each now than ever.

First weekend together.

First weekend together.

Jessica, I love you with every cell in my body and every beat of my heart.  Thank you for being you, for believing in me and helping me become the man I am today.  I am truly grateful to be blessed with you in my life and thank you for giving me 2 beautiful healthy daughters.  You are my world, my friend, my lover and an exceptional mother.  I love you more than you will ever know and look forward to experiencing many more of life’s wonderful journey’s with you.  Happy anniversary baby.

“Behind every good man is a great woman”



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