Workout Wednesday

I had only a short amount of time today for my workout so I decided on this workout below.  I only had 20 minutes so I wanted it to be short, fast, explosive, highly effective with high intensity and simple.  Here is what I came up with:

3 Rounds of:

20 Second sprint on the treadmill at 10 mph with 10% grade

10 Kettlebell Push Ups

10 TRX Rows


3 Rounds of:

15 Second sprint at 12 mph with 12% grade

5 Dumbbell Squat curl Presses (35, 40, 40)

5 Jump Pull Ups


3 Rounds of

10 Second Sprint at 14 mph with 14% grade

5 Medicine Ball Slams

5 Burpee Push Ups with a Jump from the Floor

Simple, effective and sweaty.  I was huffing and puffing and needed 20 minutes to fully catch my breath.  Felt great!



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