Barbell Complex

A video of a great barbell complex that I am a big fan of and routinely do.  This complex is great for strength, speed, power and explosiveness depending on what you are going for.  I generally warm up with this on my heavy lifting days and it is a great way to start off your workout by warming up all the major muscles.  It is designed to be very short, quick and intense, hence why I only perform 3 reps per exercise.  I usually start with the bar and then add 10 lbs on each side for second set and 25 lbs on each side for the third set.  The complex is thigh cleans to front squat to shoulder press to back squat to bent over row.  A great way to get all of your big lifts done in one easy flowing complex.

Never say the skys the limit when there are footprints on the moon.


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