Dreams, we all have them and do our best to pursue them.  We have to keep trying, never give up and never ever be afraid to fail, because without failure there would not be success.  Do not let life bring you down and be unsatisfied with what you don’t have, keep your head up and keep striving for excellence.  The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is YOU.  Keep pushing, keep trying, do not take no for answer, do not give up and keep going until you have succeeded.  We all must have the Can Do attitude and not let anything stand in our way.  If you dream big and you are absolutely passionate about what you want to do and with a lot of hard work, you can achieve your dreams.  Do not listen to the doubters or all the nay sayers, what do they know anyway?  I honestly think we should all do what makes us happy and what we are passionate about.  We should never have to feel like we work a day in our lives because we should be so involved, passionate, and love what we are doing that it never feels like a day of work.  I love my job as a personal trainer.  I get to engage with people on a daily basis, interact with them, push them, motivate them and guide them to a healthier, happier and hopefully more fit lifestyle. I share in their successes and victories and am there for their disappointments.  I do my best to bring joy to their lives, to make them feel better about themselves and to educate them along the way to always make healthy decisions.  I do all this because I care and from as long as I can remember I always wanted to help people.  That has been my dream ever since I can remember growing up and I look forward to keep pursuing my dream as the years continue.

Here is a video to help get us inspired and motivated to continue on with our dreams, chase them down and live them out successfully.

Shoot for the moon because if you miss, at least you will be amongst the stars.


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