I Believe in Fitness…Motivation

It’s Thursday, it is time to get in, get on it and get after it.  Let’s get fired up and blow the next workout out of the water.  Push harder than you have ever pushed before, lift heavier, jump higher, do more reps and push our bodies beyond the limit of what we ever thought capable of.  Impossible does not exist.  In order to get to the next level we have to do extra-ordinary things to get out of our comfort zone, push hard and achieve the results we want.  We can not get what we want by doing the same things over and over again, that is called insanity.  I believe in fitness and I also believe fitness should be fun, intense, hard, challenging, very taxing and randomly chaotic.  No 2 of my workouts are EVER the same.  Sure a lot of the basic same moves may be incorporated in a lot of my workouts but the rep numbers, the intensity, the weight and the variations are constantly changing.   Some days I feel great and feel like running, jumping, hopping, throwing and slamming things to the ground until my heart feels like it it going to bust out of my chest and I am bent over grabbing my knees gasping for air.  Other days I feel like concentrating strictly on body weight training with lots of push ups, pull ups, one leg squats, front, back and side lunges, step ups and core work such as planks and the ab wheel.  Then there are other days where the lifter comes out and I just want to pick up heavy weights and push them, pull them, squat them and just carry them around.  To me, lifting weight is the ultimate satisfaction.  There is just something manly and very rewarding to knowing you just squatted 225 or 1 arm rowed 100lbs or even kettlebell swung the 106 pounder.  Here is a little video of some people working hard, training intense and pushing themselves to the next level.

Let us all step up our game, raise the bar and start climbing the ladder to the next level of fitness.


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