Blob Tour

I do not know how many have seen this or maybe some of you have been on it but I think it totally rocks and looks like so much fun.  I present to you all; The Blob, an inflatable human powered body propulsion system.  One person on one end and two people dropping down off a platform on the other end catapulting a person into aerial magic.  The amount of air and ticks these guys do off of the blob is insane.  Looks like a heck-uva- good time and can not wait to try it out someday.  I think one of the biggest draws to the blob is how out of control it can be.  With diving you can control the bounce of the board and you know the height of what you are jumping from but with the blob you have no control of the height you are going to get or the direction you are going to go which makes it even more exciting.  Have a great and exciting weekend everyone and make it blob-tastic.


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