Rules for Success

Guidelines for Life – Rules for Success

  1. Don’t ever burn your bridges!  The person you tell off may be the one who will be asked to provide an endorsement for your next important position.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short.  At the same time, however, don’t over rate your own importance.
  3. You cannot lift yourself up by running everyone else down.
  4. Leaders emerge: the are seldom appointed.
  5. Your job is what you make it; don’t wait for the boss to tell you what to do.
  6. Shape you job so you are doing what you like to do; when you’re having fun, time flies; a clock watcher will never be more than a hand.
  7. Do every job a little better than anyone expects.  If it’s good enough, it’s not.
  8. Do your homework; be as well informed as possible on every subject that the committee or work group to which you have been appointed is schedule to discuss.
  9. Analyze your data.  File cabinets are full of data that were collected and stored without ever gaining the benefit of understanding and insights that the simplest of analyses would revealed.
  10. Finish the job – this often includes writing a paper on what you have done and publishing it; don’t stop just short of the goal line.
  11. Respect your co-workers and supporting staff.
  12. Never let your education interfere with your work.  Just because you have a degree does not make you better than others.
  13. When you are near a fountain of knowledge, do everything possible to get thoroughly soaked.
  14. Volunteer for new assignments, including a transfer to another city for a position with more responsibility – even if it does not include a salary increase.
  15. Be active locally – in your professional society, civic activities, youth work and your church.  National leaders emerge from those who lead locally.
  16. Finally – remember that you should never take both a sleeping pill and a laxative just prior to going to bed.

By Dade W. Moeller



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