Best Olympic Divers 2008-2011

The title pretty much says it all, the best divers and dives caught on video from the years 2008-2011.  It has all of the best divers in it including Tian Liang and of course my favorite  Dmitry Sautin aka “The Diving Machine.”  Most of these dives you have probably seen once before on my diving Friday posts but it is nice to appreciate it all in one fine diving montage.  Diving to me, is always going to be the ultimate sport because there is nothing else that compares to it.  The thrill like you are flying in the air, somersaulting and twisting towards the water, the nervousness you get before a new dive, the excitement and adrenaline rush you get after you land successfully on a new dive, the ability to hold one’s attention for 2 seconds and just poetry in motion.  All of these are what make the sport as great as it is.  Enjoy the video and have a successful and fantastic weekend.


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