What Kind of Eater Are You?

When talking with clients and observing how most people eat, I have come to the conclusion there are different categories of eaters.  I am not saying what is right or what is wrong, but pretty much everyone has an opinion on what you should eat or what you shouldn’t.  A lot of it is hear say or what they saw on the news or just how they were raised but regardless of all that I believe there are 5 different categories of eaters.

  1. Good Eaters
  2. Bad Eaters
  3. Over Eaters
  4. Under Eaters
  5. Combination Eaters

1.  Good Eaters

Notice how I said good eaters and not great or perfect eaters because I believe as hard as we might try nobody is a perfect eater.  We all have our indulgences, we live a little, we cheat a little and we enjoy our selves and that is okay.  The good eaters are the ones who really get it, the ones who eat a majority of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, eggs and maybe some whole grains.  They know what is good for them and they know that all natural foods are far superior to anything processed.  They see the value in the food their eating and know they are getting all of their proper vitamins and minerals and they are not consumed with counting calories.  They know food is energy, it makes them feel great, healthy and alive.  These eaters eat right 80-90 percent of the time and have their occasional dessert or wine but keep it in moderation.

2.  Bad Eaters

I know I am stepping on eggshells here but bad eaters are the ones who know they eat poorly and continue to do it anyway.  These eaters eat all of the bad terrible stuff out there, they do not make much food at home and they are frequent visitors of many drive thru’s.  These eaters are the ones who may have a grande mocha and a blueberry muffin for breakfast, subway or a burger meal for lunch, and either a big plate of pasta or whatever can be microwaved or thrown in the oven for dinner.  Whatever is cheap, fast, easy and tastes really good.  These eaters are more than likely always hungry, moody, and I would guess slightly overweight.

3.  Over Eaters.

These eaters are the ones who know no limit or self control.  They can not stop themselves and keep eating until they are sick or full.  They do not know when to say when and keep piling it in until it is time to eat unbutton the pants.  Often times the ones who over eat or also the ones who or bad eaters.  When you are eating less dense, high calorie food like the bad eaters, it does not take up much space in your stomach so you are able to fit more food in than the good eaters.

4.  Under Eaters

Under eaters are the eaters who just do not eat enough, they are under-nourished.  They may be a good eater but are still not consuming enough calories to give their bodies what it needs.  The under eaters are almost always worried about their weight and they are so caught up in calorie counting that they do not eat enough.  They know eating very little is what worked for their weight loss so they are going to continue eat that way.  These eaters may skip breakfast or have a bagel with coffee, a piece of fruit with some cheese and maybe 6 almonds for lunch and a salad with a bite or two of some protein for dinner.  These eaters think they are eating well, which they are, but they are starving their bodies of much needed calories.

5.  Combination Eaters

These eaters combine two of the categories together and majority of the time it is combining bad eating with over eating and good eating with under eating.  When you are eating bad, it is really easy to over indulge.  Like I said before, the more processed foods you eat, the higher the calories, the yummier the taste and the easier it is to over indulge.  How easy is it to over eat?  Real easy.  I love cookies, absolutely love them but depending of the cookie it is easy to for me to have 3 maybe 4.  Now if you do the math and every cookies is 200-300 calories you are looking at 600-1200 calories.  It adds up real quick, am I still hungry? Yes.  Could I eat another 2 or 3 cookies?  Absolutely, but I am a good eater and I know self control and moderation.  It is hard to over-eat when you are eating a bunch of vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Go ahead, eat a whole bag of carrots or broccoli and see how far you get before you get full.  The other combo is under eating and good eating.  Often times when you do eat well, it is hard to get enough calories.  That is when your healthy meats and nuts become huge players.  I honestly believe we are too worried and stressed out about the calorie content of fat that we shy away from it.  I can sit here and tell you I have a healthy serving of fat with pretty much every meal and I am not over weight.  I have huge heaping spoon fulls of almond butter with a banana in the morning, a handful or two of cashew or pistachios with lunch and maybe some avocado or coconut oil with dinner.  Fats help to keep you feeling full, satisfied and give you a good amount of energy.

Those are what I am to believe the different categories of eaters.  Did you find yourself as one of the eaters?  Hopefully we can all migrate toward becoming good eaters.  Good eaters will feel better, look better, sleep better, have more energy and will reduce their risks of heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.  The choices you make of the food you eat today will play a significant role of the life you live later on.


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