Perfect Diving

Oh perfection, the constant pursuit of it and the sometimes unobtainable.  In the sport of diving, there is perfection.  Perfection comes when a diver completes a dive with the right amount of spin, height, distance and style with the smallest amount of splash possible.  Often times you will see a diver score a perfect 10 on a dive but very rare do you see a diver score all 10’s on a dive.  Straight 10’s means that all 7 judges agreed that the dive was performed to the utmost best and receives the ultimate mark.  I have a video for you all of various dives receiving that elusive straight 10’s mark.  The video quality is a little sub par, I would say like a 5 if I had to judge, but you can definitely see the amazing dives and appreciate the perfection in flight.  Enjoy


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