300 Workout

A wonderful workout I remembered the other day that I have been making my clients do most of the week.  It is hard, challenging and definitely rewarding once completed.  My favorite about giving this workout is most of my clients are like “no way, I can’t do that”  and then they end up kicking ass and getting some of the top times.  I performed this workout yesterday with some slight modifications and I was pretty spent.  Who am I kidding, I laid on the floor for about 5 minutes and did not feel very well afterwards, but it is good to go there every once and awhile.  Without further ado the  300 workout:

300 Workout

100 TRX or Bodyweight Rows for time (Pull ups if you are feeling brave or dumb like me)

100 Push Ups for time

100 Kettlebell swings for time

The goal is to complete each exercise for 100 total reps in the fastest amount of time with good form.  Once you completed the one exercise, rest for about 3-5 minutes before starting the next 100.  The push ups for the men are from the ground and for the girls is from an elevated surface like a bench.  For the girls I have been giving them the 35 lb kettlebell to use and the guys 44- 53 lb depending on how great their form is.  This challenge is quite entertaining and strategy definitely comes into play.  Do you go big on the first set and get as many as you can or do you go more conservative and try to get 10 at a time?  I had a really difficult time with the 100 pull ups and it set me up for hurting the rest of the tests.  Here are my times:

100 Pull Ups: 9:42 (not proud of it but I accepted the challenge)

100 Push Ups: 5:20 ( I did mine in the rings with my feet elevated)

100 Kettlebell Swings: 4:30 (53lbs)

Definitely see some weaknesses and the areas I need to work on but overall I am happy and feel great.  Get out there and create challenges for yourself and see what you can do. I like these types of test because it is a race against time and it is a classic work-to-rest ratio.  Enjoy.


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