The Playground Workout

Being outside is such a thrill to me, reconnecting with the earth, feeling the breeze, the warm sunshine on my body and because of all that I feel alive, energized and feel the need to move my body around.  Some of my best workouts I have ever had have taken place outside in the environment such as a park or beach.  I usually get so caught up in my training because I am having so much fun that I lose track of time.  There was one day a while back when I told my wife I was going to the park to do a “quick workout” and I ended up returning home an hour and a half later exhausted, sweaty and remarkably happy.

One of the fortunate blessings I have is a toddler who loves to go to the park so for me playing around on the equipment is no big deal and it generally should not be for you either.  I feel as long as the place is not too busy and you are not getting in anyone’s way then have a go at it.  However if you feel silly or foolish, then try going either early in the morning or later in the day when there are less people around.  When I train outside, I get so wrapped up in all the new stimuli and places to play and move that often times I do not count reps or sets and I keep at it until I am bored, tired or can not find another way to be creative with it.   I think us in general lose our ability to be creative and have an imagination like we were young so let us reawaken our inner child and have some fun training outside like we did years ago.  If you make your training fun and exciting then it will not fee like work and you won’t realize how much you are working until you are done and that my friends is a beautiful thing.  Just like a wise man once said “you should never have to feel like you worked a day in your life” because if you are passionate about what you do then it will not fee like work.  That is how your training should be.

Here is a pretty cool video I found of a guy doing a pretty good exercise routine at his local park covering all of the basic body movements.  He does a great job of using his environment and working with the park gives him.  I especially love the standing ab roll outs with the swing, ver creative.  Also, it looks to me like he is having a lot fun especially with his young son there helping count.

Make the world your playground and the playground your wold.


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