6 Great Kettlebell Exercises

Hopefully by now most of us are pretty familiar with the kettlebells, you know those pieces of iron that look like a cannonball with a handle, sitting off in the corner somewhere.  Kettle balls, as most of my clients like to call them, are one of the oldest pieces of exercise equipment around today and they regaining popularity.  Kettlebells are a fantastic tool to use for a great whole body workout.  You can swing them, squat em, lung em, pull em, push em, press em, carry them and so on.  Kettlebells are effective because they offer a different load unlike dumbbells.  With kettlebells because of the density of the bell, the load is more direct as opposed to dumbbells where the mass is more evenly distributed on both sides.  If you get a chance, try swapping out your dumbbell training session with some kettlebells and feel the difference.  I would recommend using a lighter weight to start before going up to your normal weight and I guarantee you can get just as good of a lift in with a lighter kettlebell.

I am a big fan of the kettlebells and I make my clients use them daily as well as myself.  However, I am always in constant search of new, creative ways to use the kettlebells and I came across a video worth sharing.  The video is of Jason Brown, a kettlebell master, who I had the pleasure of attending his hands on lecture at the seminar I attended a few weeks back.

The video is called: 6 Kettlebell Exercises You Are Not Doing

Try them out when you get a chance and keep up the good work of staying fit and active.


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