Movestrong Fun

Over the weekend, I had the awesome pleasure of attending the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, CA.  The Summit is a 3 day seminar put on by Perform Better where the best strength coaches, doctors, physical therapists, and personal trainers  alike come and give lectures and hands on classes on all of the new latest and greatest finds, exercises, exercise prescriptions and corrective exercises.  There are so many great minds and lectures going on it is hard to decide on which presenters to see and what topics to learn about.  Within every hour, there are two lectures and two hands on workshops going on and with so much to choose from it is very difficult to fit it all in.  Some of the highlights from the weekend for me was Kelly Starret talking about dysfunctional shoulders and corrective exercises to fix them, Greg Rose the head of the Titleist Performance Institute talking about rotary power and Martin Rooney leading us through an ass kicking, super inspiring and motivating hands on workshop.  All in all, a truly great and inspiring weekend.

In the big hands on conference rooms, there is always displays up of all the newest and latest equipment.  Every year I have attended there is always one piece of equipment that stands out and it is this monstrosity from the company Movestrong.  This thing is like a playground for personal trainers because it is everything you could ever want and everything you could ever need hooks up to it.  You can hook up your bands, ropes, and TRX’s and it can be used for squats, jumps, dips and pull ups and even better monkey bars.  You name it, you can do it with.  This year they added a cargo net and I wanted to show you all me doing a trial run and on this insanely awesome piece of equipment:

I love this thing and if I was a gym owner and could only buy one piece of equipment this would be it.  Here are some photos I found of me playing on it last year.

Movestrong bms2 bst3



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