Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013

Today’s diving installment is brought to you from the red bull cliff diving traveling competition.  Here are the facts for you who do not know how it goes down:  they are 27 meters high, which is roughly 90 feet and they perform all of their crazy acrobatic dives in just under 3 seconds as they are falling to the water at 55 plus miles per hour.  For the first time in competition in this video they are including a women’s event from a slightly lower platform which I think is fantastic.  I love the fact they are expanding it out to both genders and really making this sport grow and be recognized world wide.  My guess is that it will not be long before this sport makes it way to the main stage and becomes an olympic event.  It very impressive how far the sport of diving has progressed and all of the different avenues you can compete in from 1 meter to 3 meter to 10 meter to platform and now to high diving.  Look forward to what the years ahead of us have in store.  Have an incredible weekend everyone, I am off to the Perform Better Summit to get inspired, educated and fired up in the world of personal training.  All my clients on Monday morning better look out.


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