Street Fitness Motivation 2013

The more and more I look around for motivating and inspiring videos to post for Frontdive Fitness, the more and more I keep getting blown away on what the human body is capable of and the creativity of the exercises being performed.  Most of the exercises you will see are absolutely incredible and extremely challenging but then again all are done with their own body weight or even with the addition of someone else’s body weight.  These guys are very, very strong and very talented and I love all of the creative ways they find to do common exercises with their own hardcore twist.  Granted most of these guys look like they have some sort of gymnastic and/or break dancing background but it is absolutely stunning to watch and admire.

For me even as a trainer, I am baffled by the way these guys are able to move around a given joint, especially their shoulders, because to me it looks like they are not suppose to move that way.  I love the core strength, the stabilization, the body awareness and the fun they look like they are having.  I admire their hard work and dedication at being the best at what they do.  I am a bit jealous because I would love to have the environment these guys have to train at.  Where I live it is hard to find pull up bars, monkey bars, dip stations and other fun stuff you will see in this video.

Keep training hard and keep trying to think outside the box on different ways to move your body effectively and safely.


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