Back on the Wagon

We are traveling down the road together safely, we are being healthy, eating really well and clean when all of a sudden our wagon strays off course and starts fueling up on all of the bad, high sugar junk out there.  I have found this to be quite common when talking with my clients and it seems to be a common problem.  They are on the right track with eating properly and exercising and then something alters their plans whether it be an extravagant dinner, a night out drinking with your buddies, a birthday party or even a ball game.  Whatever curve ball comes your way, we have the ability and the power to change where the path is heading, down the slippery slope and back on the right track.  It is very common for us to have little hiccups in our dietary plans, things and life happen, we are human and we love to celebrate and enjoy but that should hinder our progress of eating well.

Whatever curve balls come our way, we need to be able to step right back up to that plate and knock one out of the park on the very next pitch.  It is quite alright to veer off track on a meal or two throughout the week just try not to continue the downward spiral.  When talking with my clients, they seem to have one bad meal or night and instead of making their next meal a highly nutritious, natural and healthy meal, they think well I already had one bad meal so why not continue on for another and another.  We need to have the power to change all of that and rebound back right away regardless of the circumstances. None of us are perfect in any way shape or form and that is why I believe in the 80/20 rule of eating.  80% of the time eat as clean, healthy and natural as you can and then you can have your cheat meals only 20% of the time.  If you are eating 3 meals a day, 7 days a week that means 17 of those meals should be high quality food leaving you with only 4 “bad” meals.  I would highly recommend trying to not have consecutive poor quality meals in a row.  If you are going to eat a cheat meal just try to rebound back on the next one.  Your body will thank you for it and it will force you out of the spiral effect.  Your body craves more of what you put in it, so that next “good” meal you consume will hopefully trigger you to eat another “good” meal and so on.

Continue to make good, smart healthy decisions on the food you consume and if you happen to fall off that wagon, just remember to get right back on and continue on the path to greatness.


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