Lets Get Healthy

Lets Get Healthy!

The state of health today is not good is so obviousIt is certainly time we start taking care of usSimple Changes start with you

Its easy you know what to do

If you want a healthier life take heed

Don’t just be a follower, sometimes you gotta lead

All it takes is a few small steps

Let’s motivate each other, by getting some pep

Let’s think about what we buy in the grocery store

Let’s sit a lot less and move a lot more

Let’s minimize the drinking

I hope this has got you thinking

Let’s quit smoking starting today

We gotta start doing things the right way

Lets take deep breaths, minimize the stress

At the end of the day, all that matters is we try our best

Having a healthy life is something that has no price

If we can all be healthy would’nt that be so nice?

I’m not being a hypocrite I am doing exactly as I’m saying

Our health is serious and I believe its time we stop playing


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