Rules of Bacon

Bacon!  Bacon is great and I think bacon also gets a really bad rap.  Everyone out there will tell you it is bad for you, it is high in fat and cholesterol and it is just not good for you.  But there are many of us primal/paleo eaters out there that will tell you otherwise.  Bacon is a meat just like everything else and gives us a great amount of protein, fat and yummy happy satisfaction when consuming it.  Bacon makes everything better and makes people better.  Why?  How many people do you see unhappy eating bacon? None.  I strongly believe you can not eat bacon or skip without smiling.  Bacon, just like eggs, are making a huge comeback in the nutritional world and I am more than happy to be onboard and you should be to.  Here is a great poster I found on bacon which explains all of the greatness of this salty crunchy amazing meat.

rules of bacon


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