Movnat Combo Workouts

I have a couple of great videos for us today to get us motivated and inspire us to move our bodies naturally and in many different ways.  I am talking about Movnat.  Movnat is an exercise movement which is about teaching us how to move our bodies naturally they way they are intended as if we were outside in the wild.  I love Movnat for it’s simplicity, effectiveness, creativity and natural body weight movements.  The goal is not necessarily to get all big and strong but to be able to move your body in all different planes of motion without pain effectively and smoothly.  One should be able to crawl, deep squat, shoulder crawl, pull up, step up, jump and land without any trouble.  One of the reasons I love movnat is that it does not look all that hard or tough but you can definitely see it requires some strength, coordination, agility, balance and flexibility.  I think a lot of us could benefit from more movnat workouts just from the flexibility and body movement stand points.  When was the last time you crawled across the floor, walked across a balance beam, stepped up onto a box, hopped down from it and pulled yourself up onto a bar?  I am guessing not at all or ever.  With movnat it challenges your body to perform movements your body is meant to perform.

Here is the first video of the movnat combo workout and it is from the intermediate level.  An awesome combination using all body weight exercises and working all of the muscles in the body.  Simple, easy and effective.

Now here is another video from the advanced section and as you will see it gets a little more intense and requires more equipment.

Both of these look like fun to me and I wish I had a gym similar to it.  Focus on high quality movement for your workouts and do not get caught up in the numbers game.  With movnat, reps, sets and weights does not matter and it shouldn’t in your workout either.

Have fun, get creative and move that body the best you can.


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