River Trip





RiverOver father’s day weekend, we had got the pleasure to be invited to a good friend’s house on the river in Parker Arizona.  It was me, my wife, my daughter and about 10 really good friends and lots of great times.  Any time you can get away, no matter where you go, it is good for your mind, your heart, your soul and your psyche and recharges you for quite some time.  We were able to spend 2 1/2 beautiful days at my clients river house and the weather could not have been any nicer.  The temperature got up to 108 most days and with the water being around 75 it was quite the perfect combination.

One of the greatest things about going away on vacation is that is kinda forces us to do things we do not normally do on an everyday basis.  Like for me, since most of my time is spent indoors, I spent about 90% of my time outside either soaking in the sun, going swimming, playing fetch with the dogs, playing lawn tossing games, running after my toddler and just sitting there in the sun and watching the river.  I do not know about any of you but I like to be as active as possible and do as much as I can when I am on vacation.  I want to do it all and see it all and make the most out of my time away because I don’t know when I will be back again and want to experience everything.

The first day there we enjoyed a lovely breakfast and then I went for a morning swim in the river and let me tell you there is nothing better then starting your day off with a refreshing dip in the river.  The house we stayed at had probably some the most plush grass I have ever seen especially for a desert house.  Most of the morning I found myself laying on the grass, in the shade, eyes closed, listening to the river and it was awesome.  I found myself sitting there and imagining what it would be like back in the primal days with nothing else around like no cars, boats, or houses and how I would try to survive.  What would I do to live and where would I set up camp?  Really makes you think about surviving out in the wild and also appreciate what we have.

We did a lot of fun filled activities throughout the day like going out on the pontoon boat and eating some lunch in a cove, riding sea doo’s, going wake boarding (I got up twice for about 30 seconds each time), doing flips and dives off the the boat to just floating down the river with your friends.  The river float was really neat because we had no phones and no music and it was awesome slowly floating down the river listening to and watching nature go by.  Very peaceful and very relaxing.


We all definitely enjoyed our time away and had a fantastic weekend together.  Lots of great memories, laughs, fun and relaxation.  I highly recommend to all of us to try and get away on vacation more because I feel we work to hard and play to little.  I think the world would be a much happier nicer place if everyone got away every couple of months or so.  I know I would.  Anytime you can disconnect, recharge and re-energize yourself it makes everything else so much better.  Have a fantastic rest of the week everyone and start thinking about that next vacation because I know I am.






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