Alpha Warrior

Are you ready to be an Alpha Warrior?  Here it is, I found what appear to be one of the best obstacle course ever built!  Welcome to the Alpha Warrior, where you can test your skills on the ultimate obstacle course.  It reminds me of American Ninja Warrior, a military course and your backyard playground equipment all balled up into one big ball of pure joy.  I have done a lot of the other obstacle course races like the warrior dash, tough mudder, and spartan race and they were great and all but was a lot of running for me and the obstacles were moderately challenging.  With the Alpha Warrior I think it truly tests what us humans can do and relates to our natural movements we are designed to do.  I am very excited for the creation but bummed I will not be able to compete in this.  My good friend and obstacle course buddy Kyle from Bare5 found this and is competing and I wish him the best of luck.  Go get em Spartan.



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