Diving Board to Board

One of the greatest aspects of the sport of diving is the experimental and trial process.  With diving, divers are able to try new dives each and every day they are training with some being very difficult and some being very easy and scary.  A divers dive list is always expanding by adding an extra somersault, twist or different position to any dive.  Divers are also one of the few athletes who are a bit on the mentally ill side.  We get bored with our normal dives and start thinking about trying something new.  It kind of goes like this; Diver ” I think I want to try_______” and then the coach or divers teammate goes, “I totally think you can make it.”  And the smacking misery begins.  Diving is also one of the sports to where you can have fun and learn by messing around and goofing off with your teammates, sometimes that’s where you really find out what you can and can not do.

Here is a great video of college divers having a blast by making great use of a portable dryland board.  You will see in the video how it slowly progresses into harder, more difficult and never tried before dives.  These kids have some great wipeouts and get an A for effort and creativity from me.  Enjoy


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