Men’s 3 Meter Diving Championships

Another addition of diving Friday and we have for you all today the NCAA men’s 3 meter finals.  A fantastic contest with the best college divers in the US going after it with big spinning and twisting dives.  You can tell by watching the video that the dives are great but not quite on point like you will see in the olympics.  The college divers are incredible but also young and do not have quite the experience, however the divers who come in 1st and 2nd are both olympic medalists.  If you notice they are that much better than the rest of the field especially with their board work and more importantly their entries.  I believe it is due to all the extra hours they have had to practice in the best facilities with the best coaches.  Kristian Ipsen, the diver who wins, you can just tell is so much smoother and more graceful then the rest of the field.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I am ready for a fantastic one and am excited to watch my younger brother graduate from college.  I could not be more proud and excited for him.



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