7 Spices You Should be Using

Variety the spice of life.  If you are like me and the other millions joining the paleo/primal lifestyle you are aware there are only limited foods out there we can eat and enjoy.  With most of the paleo lifestyle being all meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and eggs, even after quite some time we can tired of the same meals day after day.  One of the areas we can venture into to mix and enhance the flavors of our food is spices.  Spices are great for not only adding a tremendous amount of flavor to our foods but also many pack huge health benefits.  Here are 7 spices we can all try to add to our weekly meals to add flavor and receive all of the great benefits.

  • Cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a sweet spice which contains iron, calcium, manganese and fiber and contains substances that work with antioxidants to protect cells from harmful free radicals.  Cinnamon is also known as the “anti insulin” due to its remarkable effects of regulating blood sugar.  I think it is best used in anything sweet and savory you enjoy.  I put cinnamon in my coffee, ice cream and even on my eggs some mornings.
  • Chili Powder (cayenne pepper)  Chili powder is fantastic for not only bringing the heat to whatever dish you enjoy but also increasing your metabolism, suppresses your appetite and makes you burn more calories after you eat.  Who doesn’t want to burn more calories by not doing much but sprinkling a little in your dish.  Great for anything you want a kick to, I put in on my eggs, stews, soups, and sometimes as a marinade or rub.
  • Turmeric.  Turmeric is a bright yellow spice, which is part of the ginger family and is mainly found in curry.  I like to think of turmeric as the “anti cancer” spice.  It is widely known to help fight cancer, is a powerful antioxidant that reduces and prevents cell damage from occurring and is also an anti-inflammatory. Best used in curry dishes and but can be sprinkled on vegetables, in salad dressings, as a rub or in soups and stews.  Again I mix a generous amount in with my eggs in the morning.
  • Oregano.  Oregano is a staple of Italian dishes and is loaded with antioxidants and can help fend off bacteria.  It is a natural and effective barrier from E. coli, salmonella and listeria.  It is full of fiber and vitamin K and can be used in Italian dishes like pizza and sauces but also salad dressings and omelets.
  • Ginger.  Ginger is a well known for its myriad health benefits such as an anti-inflammatory.  Ginger is thought to provide pain relief from halting migraines to easing the aches of arthritis.  Also good for relief of congestion or cough from a cold or the flu.  Try using ginger as a tea, marinade, ice cream, ginger ale or eat some next time you go to sushi.
  • Garlic.  Love garlic or hate it, you can not deny it is good for you.  Garlic is a staple of natural remedies and traditional medicine.  It has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects.  Some studies show it can stop blood clots from forming in your arteries.  Garlic is great for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and heart attack.  Apply liberally to any dish you want.  Great with Italian food, eggs, soups, salads and rubs.
  •  Thyme.  Thyme has a long history of use for chest and respiratory problems including bronchitis, chest congestion and coughs.  It is an excellent source of iron and manganese and good source of calcium and dietary fiber.  Thyme increases blood flow to the skin and many believe helps speed healing.  Thyme is a great antioxidant protector of cellular membranes and can be used in pasta sauces, omelets, egg scrambles, beans, with fish, soups and stock.

7 great spices to add to your favorite dishes and give you some new flavors but also giving you great health benefits.  Find ways to include these spices in every dish you make and you will be on your way to a healthier, stronger, less inflamed you.


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