People Are Awesome 2013

A fantastic and inspiring video of the amazing and awesome stunts that people perform.  I love this video not only for the great video shots which are ridiculously insane but also more for the creativity, innovation and balls all these people have to try these feats.  Absolutely incredible.  There is no limit to what we can and can not do, if you think you can do it then it can be done.  That is more than likely the motto for most of the people in the video, they were playing around with their friends and started wondering if they could add an extra twist, flip, or rotation.  My favorite parts of the video are all the backyard trampoline tricks you see with the boys and their friends because that is where it all starts.  One kid does one thing and another does the same with an extra spin, twist or whatever and it just starts escalating from there. By the end of the day with the help from their friends they have something they didn’t even imagine was possible.  Impossible is truly nothing.  


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