30 Calisthenic Exercises

Pretty cool video of a young gentlemen showing us 30 great exercises to perform without the use or need of any gym equipment.  Most of the time all you need is your body, a bar, motivation and some creativity and you can give yourself a great workout wherever you are.  I think the reason why videos like these  inspiring me is because I loving seeing what creative ways people put their spin on classic exercises.  Being in the fitness industry for many of years you get to a point where you have seem almost everything so it is nice to see variations on the basics like pull ups, push ups and dips.  I believe I can perform 22 of the 30 exercises you will see in the video, how many can you do?  Take a count and see where you stand.  The very first exercises is pretty crazy and insane and is definitely not in my repertoire at the moment any way.  Enjoy and happy training.


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