Best Dives Platform Final

I believe most of us wish we could have started a particular sport a lot younger in our youth so we would be great at it by the time we were older.  I wish I would have started the sport of golf about 20 years ago so I would not be going through all of the anguish I am right now but that is beside the point.  I have for us a fantastic video of the best platform dives of an international youth diving meet.  These kids are young but also extremely talented.  One of the greatest traits these young divers have is that they are fearless.  They do not think twice about what could happen if they do it wrong or how high they are, they just go up and execute.  All of these young boys have all the necessary tools to continue to excel and become champions and with early start at diving I believe they will do it.  The last dive on this video is by far my favorite and you shall see why.  Enjoy


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