Monday Madness

On Monday’s I am usually feeling good from a lot of quality sleep and great eating from the weekend and so I am always fired up for my workout.  My Monday workouts are becoming famous at my gym I work at because they know I get after it.  When you are feeling good, you need to push yourself and go little harder and more intense than you usually do.  I love to keep my workouts very short, fast but extremely high intense.  One exercise after the other with very little rest gets you the most out of your workout.  I do not like to do long, boring steady state cardio, I find it very painful and tedious.  I would much rather do circuits such as these to not only get my cardiovascular benefit but also get cardio strength as well.  I warmed up really well before getting into these two killer circuits with lots of movement prep, active stretching, jump rope and the agility ladder.

My first circuit was: 5 jumps on the 36″ box, 10 ball slams(15lbs), 15 explosive push ups, 20 Keiser speed pulls, and 30 second of burpee jump ups.

Circuit #2 was: 50 feet on the Versaclimber, 10 TRX rows, 10 dips, 20 jumping rotational lunges and 50 waves on the battle ropes.

I was pretty spent after performing each circuit only twice through and had very little in the tank for anything afterwards.  I finished up with three 35lb kettlebell Turkish Get Ups on each side before calling it a day.  I am all about intensity but also more importantly knowing when to say when and shut it down.  Train hard but train smart.  Hope you have a fantastic start off to your week like I did.


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