Street Workout Calisthenics

A fantastic video I found of  guys performing exercises on a bar with just their body weight and making it look easy, graceful and very artistic.  What these guys can do with just their bodies and a standard bar are incredible.  The amount of strength it takes to hold and get into these positions is definitely not easy.  I consider myself a pretty strong, active and fit guy who can do almost anything but find it very difficult to perform even half of these exercises.  It inspires me and definitely makes me want to work harder on these moves in which I am not great at.  I am currently working on my front lever and would love to be able to practice(and hold) the human flag.  It is also very impressive to see how ripped these guys are by just playing around on the bar.  It goes to show you how much the whole body is involved and engaged by doing various pull ups, dips, flags, levers and what not.

It’s never too late to become what you might have been. -George Elliot


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