Basketball Training Motivation



A Basketball.


I am always scouring youtube looking for motivating and inspiring videos to post to get us fired up about training and exercise and I found this hidden gem.  I am a big fan of almost every sport but I have more of draw to both diving and basketball because they are two sports I spent most of my childhood playing and practicing.  I found this video of basketball players not only practicing but working out in some very unconventional methods and just thought it was awesome.  I love to other sports evolving and being creative in their training and doing things that have never been done before and are also very impressive.  The drills and exercises these kids are doing are fantastic and take an extreme amount of coordination and practice.  Most of these exercises are terrific on there own but these guys are adding basketball dribbling and other ball handling skills to increase the difficulty even more.  After watching this video it really makes me want to go play basketball and try a lot of these.  I am glad to see people creating out of the box training regimes like these to push they players get the most out of them.  Enjoy.








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