What does it mean to be Fit?

What does it mean to be fit?  What does fit actually mean?  We hear these terms a lot in the exercise field but what does it mean to actually be fit.  The definition of fit is: in good physical condition; in good health.  Often times I believe we associate fit with aesthetics and how we look.  Just because someone looks the part of being fit does not necessarily mean they are and vice versa is also true.  In todays world we put way too much emphasis on the way the body looks and not how well the body performs.  We all think that a sculpted butt, chiseled arms, washboard abs and skinnier thighs are the keys to being fit but that only goes for how we look.  Yes we all want to look like the beautiful models we see on the magazines, extremely airbrushed and photo shopped to the point to where we feel insecure and ashamed of our own bodies, but  we need to let that go.  What do they say that only 1% of the population are models?  We need to be happy with the bodies God gave us, accept who we are and what we are given.  Just because someone looks gorgeous does not necessarily mean they are fit, they could be a starving anorexic chain smoker with an anxiety disorder for all we know.

I have been doing some thinking this week about what it really means to be fit.  Fit to me means that your body is ready, able and capable to perform any act at any given time proficiently and successfully without injury.  If someone said to me right now, hey let’s go play basketball, I would be ready or let’s go for a hike or a bike ride or golf or whatever it may be, my body and I would be ready to perform.  I would not think twice about any of it, I would not be worried of getting injured or hurt and I would enjoy every bit of it.  Being fit means being able to perform activities of daily life without even thinking twice about them.  Walking up a flight or two of stairs, no problem.  Carrying 8 bags of heavy groceries from your car to the house, piece of cake.  Mowing the grass, emptying the dish washer, taking the trash out, vacuuming your house or mopping your floor are all activities in which some level of fitness is required.

To me, being fit also means not getting sick, sleeping well, eating well and knowing how to manage your stress levels.  It means fighting the fight against gravity and trying to get the most longevity out of your life.  It means fighting against osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  It means having a decent amount of muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and power to be used at any given moment.  Being fit is a way of life for life.  I want to be fit so I am able to run and chase after my kids with ease as well as my grandchildren.  There is no getting fit and then just backing off and watching all your hard work diminish.  We have to keep at it everyday.

We need to let go of what the media has us to believe what it means to be in great fit shape.  We need to accept our bodies, move them in every way possible and be grateful for what we have.


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