Man of Many Hats


Hats (Photo credit: iSivand)


Everyday I go through I literally and figuratively wear many hats.  Each hat has a different role, a different function, a different modality, a different objective but one thing always remains the same and that is the me, the person wearing the hat.  Everyone has different hats they wear throughout the day whether it be the work hat or the father hat, the husband hat or even the president hat.  The core values of each and every hat should always remain the same, true, honest and loyal.


Every morning I wake up I am just me, hatless.  It is quiet in the house because no one is up yet and I am left to my own thoughts and routine.  This is the time where I get myself prepared for the day whether it be making my breakfast, packing my bag with great snacks for the day, enjoying a cup of coffee or just enjoying the quiet and stillness the morning has to offer.  I thoroughly enjoy my hatless morning routine before all the madness begins.  It gives me a great time to get my mind right, count my blessings, say thank you for the day and be grateful for everything in my life.  As I am making my drive into work I am slowly putting my work hat on (figuratively).


When I am at work I have my personal trainer hat on.  My trainer hat is someone who is professional, always on time, motivating, inspiring, creative, spontaneous and sympathetic.  I am going to give my clients the best of me so I can get the best out of them.  I always try to give them a different workout each time they come because I think fitness needs to be random and not routine.  I love watching my clients work hard, sweat, struggle, grunt and push themselves not because I am sadistic but because I know it is good for them.  My clients often say I have an evil smile on my face but it is because I know what is in store for them and look forward to watching them get better and improve.


Sometimes in the day I am fortunate enough to sneak away and either hit a bucket of golf balls or go play a quick 9 holes, so this is where my golf hat comes on (literally).  When spending an hour or two outside in the sun it is always important to protect yourself from the sun as much as you can, especially for me since I choose to shave my head and have no hair to protect my scalp.  With my golf hat on, all I am focused on is me, my swing and watching that little white ball goes as far as I can hit it.  I love golfing.  I believe it is the hardest sport in the world to play and just when you think you have it all figured out, you find out you are far from it.  We continue to go out and keep plugging along, hopefully slowly getting better and better, remembering all the great shots like the ones that bring you back and forgetting all the bad ones.  Golf is a battle both with the course and with yourself.  No matter what the ball does or where it goes, you keep trying, you keep advancing forward and you keep on swinging.


During the middle of the day, I ran off to Orange Coast College where I coach the men’s and women’s diving team.  I put my coaching hat on(literally, the divers got it for me and it says ‘world’s greatest coach’) and I run the practice to the best of my ability.  All practices start with dry land conditioning like ab work, leg exercises and some upper body work before we get it.  Most times we do drills off the side of the pool working on technique and mechanics and then take it up to the boards where we work on hurdles and entries.  My job as coach is to motivate, educate and push my divers to the best of their abilities.  Sometimes the hardest part is getting through to them so they can relate to what I see and have been telling them to do.  My goal is to help them be the best divers they can be and get them to qualify for the state championship meet, which by the way, all 5 of my divers achieved this year.  I enjoy coaching and watching my divers succeed.  Nothing gives me a greater pleasure in knowing I am the one who helped prepare them for their success.  I love that I make an impact on their lives and hope that impact carries over to greatness for them.


When I am done with my day, I drive home and park my car in the garage and as I walk up the stairs I (figuratively) put my dad and husband hat on.  My family man hat is my most prized hat of them all.  I love my family, I love my wife and I love my daughter and I can not wait to get in the front door.  The dad hat is the silly, fun loving, guiding, protective and nurturing hat.  After a long day, nothing is better than a hug and kiss from my little girl.  She is my ray of sunshine and is a delight to have in my life.  She is daddy’s little girl and in my eyes can do no wrong.  Things are going to change here in about 3 months because I will be wearing two daddy hats and I can not wait.  The Franzen house dynamic is going to change but I welcome it with open arms.  Once the daughter goes down, I get to wear my husband hat.  We only get an hour or so of one on one quality time and I always enjoy my wife’s company.  No matter what happens in the day, I always know that I have the unconditional love and support from my wife.  It was just us before any of the madness of kids happened and we try not to lose sight of that.  Always remember why and who you fell in love with and hold onto to those feelings.


Regardless of the hat you wear in your day, be the best at wearing that hat.  GIve your best, be your best, hold true to your values, be honest, be loyal and give everything your all.  Do not hold anything back and never take anything for granted.



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