Being a trainer in the fitness industry I hear a lot of misleading information on nutrition on a daily basis.  I hear so many crazy diets, fads, juicing, detoxing and even false information.  One of the most frustrating aspects of my job is that my knowledge of nutrition holds no valid point, almost like they want to hear what I have to say and just do the opposite anyway.  My favorite is that a friend study or something they have seen on TV from some quack doctor holds more water than any real actual knowledge.  The “friend study” if you are not familiar with it is when one of your clients tells you that their friend lost “a” amount of pounds in “b” amount of days by only eating “c” and by doing “d”.  Just because it worked for your friend does not mean it will also work for you.

I hear so much “garbage” out there it is really starting to smell.  Wake up and smell the roses people, there is no quick fixes for weight loss.  It all starts with eating healthy, natural food.  I am not a fan of juicing or any detox diets out there.  I believe people think they are eating healthy and doing the right thing by juicing but if not done the right way(with mainly vegetables) it can cause just as much damage to your body as soda or candy.  Often times with juicing people tend to use lots of fruits over vegetables to make it taste good and sweet so they enjoy eating it.  However, if you drink all of that fruit juice rather than eating it your body is going to pump out a lot of insulin to counteract what you just consumed.  Your body will treat most of your “juice” like sugar and dump out insulin and whatever insulin is unused will be stored as fat.  You can add “juice” as a supplement, I just would not use it as a main meal.

Another thing I have been hearing a lot of is what people are eating and also how much.  I have heard some clients eating raw asparagus and brussel sprouts.  Not cooked, steamed, or baked but raw.  How enjoyable does that sound?  I think I would rather eat tree bark.  She heard from a Dr. ,of course, that raw is better for you because when you bake it or cook it that sugar comes out.  ?Huh??  To some degree I understand, most vegetables are better off eaten in their original state but some I believe really need to be cooked.  I am also not a fan of the variety of the vegetable intake.  People are missing out on A LOT of all the other important vitamins, minerals and good stuff all the other vegetables have to offer.  Your goal should be to eat as many of the different colored vegetables as you can.  Taste the rainbow, literally.  I believe we would all benefit by eating vegetables with every meal and it is not that hard.  For breakfast most times I make eggs with spinach, mushroom and onions and top it with salsa.  Lunch can be a big salad with leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, cauliflower and tomatoes.  Dinner is usually a piece of meat with one or two sides of vegetables like kale salad and a sweet potato.  Variety is always good when dealing with your vegetables.

Also, do not be afraid to eat people.  I hear clients basically starving themselves in order to get down to their ideal weight.  I heard one client talk and she said something like ” I had 4 almonds and 2 strawberries before my workout and I am just thinking to myself “wow”.  As long as we are eating healthy natural foods do not be afraid to fuel up, especially on vegetables.  If you are still hungry after your meal, eat more vegetables.  Do not be afraid to eat too many vegetables or too much.  Vegetables are an extremely low-calorie food that take up a lot of space in your stomach which will help make you feel full.  Your body does not know calories to make you feel full it goes by volume.  The more volume filling foods the better.  I bet you will get tired of eating and chewing all of those vegetables before you become full which is great because think about all of those calories you are burning while you are chewing all of those cruciferous vegetables.

I believe we are too afraid of fat, both in things and fatty foods.  I believe fat gets a really bad rap.  We do not get fat by eating to many fatty foods.  We get fat by eating too many of the wrong foods and not moving enough.  Nuts are a great source of energy and are very good for you.  ALL NUTS ARE GOOD, except Peanuts.  Do not be afraid to have a handful or two of any nuts you want almost daily.  Do not be afraid of the calorie content or the fat or the saturated fat.  Just eat a handful or two a day and enjoy.  I generally eat more nuts than I am “suppose” to but I believe my body functions better on fat.  Yes, eating too many nuts can be quite costly to your weight and waist line but so can everything else.  Be aware of all the reduced fat and fat-free products you consume as well.  Most of the time as the fat content goes down another area goes up usually the sugar.  It is okay to have full fat milk in your coffee and to cook and eat with butter.

Just be mindful of everything you eat and put in your mouth.  Remember to eat lots of vegetables, lots of quantity and lots of colors.  Try to include vegetables into every meal and don’t be afraid of fat.  I think this is why I could never be a nutritionist because it always seems no matter what you know you will always be competing against a friend and a TV doctor.  Have a great healthy eating day.


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