Good High Intense Circuit

On Monday’s I generally feel really great for my workouts.  I think it is a combination of great sleep, lots of rest and some extra calories that properly fuel my workouts.  I try to keep it very high intense with lots of cardiovascular heart rate based training.  When you feel good, get after it.

My workout consisted of: 2 minutes on the elliptical, 1 minute on the jump rope, rope chops and rope lifts, pull ups, push ups, side lunges, burpees, jumps over the bench, more jump rope, 1 minute on the bike, step ups and some band squat pulls and squat presses.

This was most of my warm up before I started into the meat of the workout

4 rounds of:

15 second sprint on the treadmill (10% grade and 12, 13, 13 15 mph)

5 15lb medicine ball slams

Then followed that up with 4 rounds of the video you see here:

10 seconds on the versa climber, 10 explosive push ups, 10 pogo’s and 10 seconds on the battle ropes.

I like to keep everything short, quick and high intense.  Make your circuits like these to jack up your metabolism, get out of breath and get a great sweat going.


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