2013 Diving Zones

Oh that time of year again, not only does March bring us what I think is the greatest sports tournament ever but also diving.  I love the month of March because of the madness going on with college hoops and because it is also the end of the season for the swimming and diving teams.  College divers have to meet a lot of requirements before they can even compete at the national championship meet.  First off, they have to score a certain amount of points on 6 dives during their season on both boards.  I believe when I went to college it was 290 points on 1 meter and 310 for 3 meter but it has now changed to 300 and 320 respectively.  After meeting the point requirement, the divers then compete in their zone qualifying meet in where they have to place in the top 4 in order to move on to  the national championships.  The national championship is held this weekend and I can not wait to see some video soon.  The best of the best divers in college battling it out to become national champion.  Here is a great video of a diving zone qualifying meet to give us a preview of whats to come:



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