Every morning when I drive into work I talk to myself.  I say out loud everything I am grateful for, whether it be very small or something huge.  I believe we lose the connection of what is really important and we take to many things in our life for granted.  We expect to wake up everyday, eat, get to our job and so on without actually being grateful of what  we actually have.  I start off my day saying something like the following:

“I am happy, I am healthy and I am ALIVE!  I am grateful to have a warm bed to sleep in, a safe place to rest, I am thankful for the nutritious food in my belly providing me with the proper nutrients and energy I need to get through my day.  I am grateful to have a job to go to and a car to transport me there safely.  I am grateful for my amazing family.  I am grateful for my wife Jessica, my beautiful daughter Devon and my second one on the way.  I am grateful to have great brothers and a great mom and dad.  I am grateful for all of my close friends in my life.  I am grateful for to have a job working with my friends, helping others and doing what I absolutely love.  I am grateful for the sun, water and this beautiful planet we live on.  I am grateful for my heart working continuously without me asking it to and my lungs providing me with oxygen to live.  I am grateful for all the places I have been, things I have done and things I have experienced because it has made me become who I am today.  I am going to be the best husband, brother, father, friend, co-worker, trainer, son, and coach I know how to be.  Today is going to be a great fantastic day.”

It may seem like a lot and that it takes some time to say but actually not.  I like to have the perspective that you should be grateful for everything you have and also for everything you do not have.  As bad your life may be always remember there is some one out there who does not have what you have, your health, a warm bed to sleep in, a job or even a car.  A lot of people would trade positions with you in a quick minute so take your time and truly appreciate everything you are granted in this life and enjoy every minute of it.  One of my favorite lines I read a long time ago was “Every time you wake up in the morning as you set your feet on the ground say out loud ‘thank you’.”

Have a fantastic and grateful day.



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