Weight Training Day

Just a good old fashioned heavy weight training day.  I was feeling good and sometimes it feels fantastic to move a lot of heavy lead around and load that body.  I love the pump, the taxation, the sweating, the struggle, the fight between you and the weight and the triumph.

Everything done was 2 sets of 10 reps circuit style meaning one after the other then rest.

Circuit 1

Double kettlebell clean and presses (36, 44 lbs)

TRX push ups

Cable 1 arm squat and row (180lbs)

Kettlebell swings (53lbs)

Circuit 2

Dumbbell chest press (60, 65lbs)

1 arm kettlebell hold rear foot elevated split squat (35lbs)

Pull ups, first set bodyweight, second set with 26 lbs

Circuit 3

1 arm squat press using the landmine (bar, 25lbs)

Single leg deadlift with double kettlebell (26, 35lbs)

Kettlebell sumo squat to upright row (106lbs)

Ab wheel roll outs

Circuit 4

Body weight dips

Dumbbell push up row (25lbs)

Dumbbell side lunges (25lbs)

Bicep curls (25lbs)

Metabolic Finisher – 1 round

10 explosive push ups, 10 band squat jump backs, 10 ball slams, 10 jump squats



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