Diver Jack Laugher

Very rarely do I highlight just one diver in my diving Friday posts but this diver is definitely worth the spotlight.  The diver is Englishman Jack Laugher.  One part of Jack’s diving I absolutely LOVE is his hurdle.  The hurdle is the big one legged jump before landing on the board with two feet.  The hurdle is quite possibly the most important part of the whole dive.  It sets up your dive for success or hardship, a rip or smack.  Dives can be done with wrong hurdles like if you are back from the diving board, on the corner or if you are hanging ten(when all toes are off the end) but it makes it very difficult to execute the dive perfectly.  What I tell my divers over and over again is to hurdle high.  If your hurdle goes up and high, your dive will go up and you will have lots of time to perform the dive and come out the correct way.  Great hurdles will almost always equal great dives.

Look at Jack’s hurdle and take note how high and straight up he goes.  Also see how he almost always lands on the tip of the springboard and the incredible jump he gets.  He has so much air time to finish his dives and he is a little guy.

The hurdle just like a lot of things in life, if you do the work and set up correctly, everything else will fall into place.


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