American Ninja Warrior

I do not know if some of you have seen the show on TV called the American Ninja Warrior but if you haven’t just know that it is very challenging obstacle course for participants to compete in the fastest time possible. With the obstacles being rather intense, just finishing the course is quite the feat. Competitors will face such obstacles like running across a spinning log or jumping off a trampoline to a cargo net or running up a warped wall or even crossing over water going up and down the under side of stairs using only your hands. To me it looks like a lot of fun and an interesting challenge to tackle.

I recently looked into what you needed to do to become a contestant on the next American Ninja Warrior and found the information I needed.  In order to make sure the average Joe Schmoe with no athletic talent tries to come on the show (remember this Ninja Warrior and not Wipeout), you have to submit a video showcasing your athletic talents as well as your outgoing personality.  I noticed the deadline for received application was March 15 so I decided to put my head down, get my stuff together and apply.  After filling out a grueling and extensive background information and questionnaire, I had to put a video together.  The goal of the video is to sell yourself, your capabilities, your workouts and your energetic personality.  Hopefully I succeeded in winning them over and becoming a contestant on the next American Ninja Warrior.

What I have for you all today is my application video I sent in for them to review.  I am hoping I hear some great news and am offered the chance to compete.  Wish me luck.

If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know its not your path.  Your own path you take with every step you take.  That’s why it’s your path.  Joseph Campbell




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