Gender Role Reversal

I found this video and thought it was pretty entertaining showcasing the common stereotypes you find at the gym.  We all think there are male specific and female specific exercise programs such as weight lifting, yoga and other various exercise classes.  I believe everything is good for everyone regardless of sex, the key is to do what you enjoy.  We all need to move and I think movement is the key to life, the more movement the better.    I would love for us to not put such stereotypes on exercise and make it more unisex without making either sex feel uncomfortable for trying something new and challenging themselves.  Guys you should not feel like group exercise classes are not for you, you never know unless you try.  You can not knock it until you try it.  Girls do no feel intimidated to lift some iron with the guys.  Everyone can benefit from strength training.  Everyone can be strong there is no excuse for being weak.  Regardless of your chosen form of enjoyable movement be welcoming to new comers doing what you do and be even more welcoming to try new things like classes and bootcamps.


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