Primal Guilt?


Grains, the largest food group in many nutriti...

I love eating the priamal/paleo way and have been doing so for about 3 years now.  I love the way I feel, I have more energy, I sleep better, I look better, I do not get sick and am overall very happy with this lifestyle.  I will continue to incorporate this lifestyle eating habits for the rest of my life because to me it makes 100% complete sense.  I do believe we should only eat natural occurring food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and meat.  I believe eating the crappy, sugar and salt filled over processed food is where all the health problems occur.  The human body is not meant to eat and digest all of the chemicals, dyes, oils and crap that is put into processed food.  It is scary to me that obesity and diabetes are climbing the charts as the number 1 killer surpassing cigarette smoking.  We have the power to change it and it all starts with us.


Don’t get me wrong, for 30 years of my life I believed grains, pastas and all of the other processed food was good for me.  I grew up on sugary cereal, sandwiches, oatmeal, granola bars, chips, crackers and all of the other so called good grains for you.  Yes they provide calories for us, but are they of the good kind?  Many of you believe they are a great source of fiber and energy and that we need our 6 to 11 servings a day for optimal health.  I believe however that the only reason the FDA recommends such an enormous amount of grains in our diet is to support the multi million dollar food corporations.  The government knows grains are bad and detrimental to our health but they do not care because they are making money.  They know they are causing major health problems which in result, sends you guys to your doctors to where all the doctors do is prescribe you with several medications to either reverse or keep your current condition stable.  The government is happy once again because they are in cahoots with the  pharmaceutical companies and they are making more money.  So they are making money from the problematic “healthy” grain companies and the cure all pharmaceutical companies.  It is a win, win for them.


How about we avoid all of this dilemma and eat natural foods so the government doesn’t get any more of our money?


Primal eating to me is here to stay, it is not a fad, a diet but a lifestyle change.  I am human, I do enjoy some of the guilty pleasures of life and for me it is mainly sugar.  I operate on eating right about 90% of the time and with the other 10% going towards desserts.  I love cookies, dark chocolate and ice cream.  I do not know about any of you other primal eaters out there but do you almost feel guilty when you eat something outside of the primal guidelines?  Do you feel bad or think that piece of bread or cake is harmful to you?  I have that mentality.  When I eat something outside of the primal spectrum, I think to myself I shouldn’t be eating this.  It is almost like I am cheating on my wife but in reality I am cheating on myself.  I really do believe eating primal/paleo is the way to go and I think you will start to see more stores, restaurants and companies embrace this way of life.


“The bottom line is that there is a lot more that could and should be done to help people with nutrition and exercise. ”
Parris Glendening




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