44 Bodyweight Exercises

I come across many motivational and inspirational videos on my quest to inspire all you fans of Frontdive Fitness and ever so often I am truly blown away.  This video is a fantastic and creative exercise video showcasing brilliant and innovative twists on basic bodyweight exercises.  Truly an inspirational video which should make us all get off our butts and try new ways to move our bodies.  There are 44 of the best bodyweight exercises and I counted I could do or have done only 28 of them.  This really makes me want to try the other 15 (I know the math is 16, but I am not going to do the backflip to burpee).  How many exercises can you do of the 44?  Challenge yourself and see.  Make a whole workout of it and safely try all of them and find out what you can do.  Can you beat my 28 out of 44?  Let me know.  I do know one thing, I definitely have some exercises to try out and experiment with and I gladly accept the challenge.


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