Women’s 1 Meter Diving

A short video for you all today of a women’s 1 meter Nordic competition in Denmark.  With the women divers you will often find them doing simpler dives but doing them very well and eloquently.  I find that girl divers will usually always have better toe point, better flexibility in the pikes and overall just better lines.  These ladies do a great job of making these dives look incredibly smooth, simple and easy and believe me they are not.  Often times I like to watch the girl divers because you can take a great look at the mechanics of the dives and how they initiate the somersaults.  It is unfortunate they do not have 1 meter competitions in the Olympics because I think it would be spectacular to watch.  I would prefer to watch divers dive 1 meter over synchronized diving any day.  I would especially love to see the men dive 1 meter with the super complex dives they are doing now.  We all learn and start out diving 1 meter when we are young so we might as well compete in it at the Olympics.  Enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend.


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