National Diving Championships 2008

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are all fired up for this weekend like I am.  Let us have a great active and fun filled weekend before sitting down and watching the greatest sports show in the world the super bowl.  Nothing better than to watch two quality teams battling it out for the top prize.  I’m thinking it is going to be the Raven’s but I think it going to be close like a 24-21 game.  All most guys really ask for or care about is we want to see a great game.  Nobody wants to watch a blowout or a lop-sided victory.  We want to see action, big plays, controversial calls, and never seen before moves that fill us with suspense until the last play.  The past super bowls have had some amazing endings and I believe this one will to.  Enjoy the show and try to get a great workout before so you can earn those calories.

Here is a great Diving Friday video to start our weekend off.  The video is the national diving championships at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in 2008.  The video really impressed me because it give you a great behind the scenes look at a big age group meet with lots of diving going on.  Often times with big meets such as this one there will be more than one event running at the same time like girls 3 meter and guys 1 meter.  A great video showcasing our up and coming new future olympians.  Enjoy



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