Euro Training

A really funny video of some interesting training techniques called Euro training. The video makes me laugh because it is how I feel most clients view trainers and more importantly their trainers. They think we are all nut case, crazy, exercise freaks(most are, me included) and we want them to try the most random ridiculous looking exercises for our amusement. We do want our clients to push themselves, work harder, lift heavier and run faster and we only push them because we know they can. We are not trying to make them look foolish like in this video.

I love how they finish the first bit of exercise and he only calls it the pre-warm up before the warm up, before the workout and then followed by the 60 minute cool down. Laughter is a great medicine. We should all find something each and every day in which makes us laugh. I am not talking about a giggle or a snicker but good old big belly laughs. Laughter is great for improving your mood, your circulation system and your abs.

Laugh loud and laugh as often as you can.



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