Female Fitness Motivation

Hello all, I hope you all had a fantastic ACTION packed weekend like myself.  We went up to Big Bear Lake for a weekend getaway for some snowboarding fun with a bunch a great friends.  I believe anytime you can get away and enjoy some fun outside doing something active that you love to do with the people you love then it is a win win.  I love snowboarding because I love being outside in the wilderness above the tree lines and challenging and stimulating my body with new movement and fun.  All my hard work training in the gym certainly paid off because I was not sore at all after snowboarding all day on Saturday.

I believe half of the reasons why we workout is so we can do the things we love to do without any limitations or injuries.  We workout so that our activities of daily life can be completed without even thinking about them.  We want chores, errands and activities to be done with out being physically demanding on our bodies or taxing them in any way.  I have a great video below of some females putting in the work and getting it done.  I am not a huge fan of gender training because I believe we are all the same and should train relatively the same way demanding on your goals.  I do however, really like this video because it shows how we should all be training and how gyms now a days should start to look.  I believe you will see more gyms come around to these bare bones type of facilities with basic equipment like TRX’s, kettlebells, sandbags, tires, sledgehammers, rings and monkey bars.  I would love to go and play at this gym.

Let’s get motivated and keep the ACTION going this year.  Lots of ACTION will produce lots of great results and success.


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