ACTION Diving Video

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all are having a fantastic start to this wonderful new year and are adhering to your new resolutions.  Remember this year is about taking ACTION, hitting your goals and succeeding in ways you never imagined.  I have been doing my part in making my life more ACTION packed.  This week alone I have been walking on a treadmill reading books, I just finished an interesting book called Drop Dead Healthy and started a new one called The Primal Connection and I started coaching diving again at my local community college Orange Coast for my 8th year.  We started a six-week weight loss challenge at my gym and I have a golf fitness seminar I am attending this weekend to educate myself, make myself more marketable and open up different avenues of training and clientele.  All of these require ACTION to get accomplished.  Let’s keep the momentum going and continue the ACTION train for the whole year.

Here is an ACTION packed video to kick off our ACTION packed year.  The divers in this video are all ACTION.  These guys are pretty freaking crazy.   They are basically just recklessly throwing their bodies end of end with no real care for or worry for the painful outcome.  These guys are extremely talented, have a great aerial kinesthetic sense and are very brave.  Some of the shots these guys take are painful and entertaining to watch.  They are not afraid to Take risks and Never stop moving as they continue to flip and twist their way into the water.




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